Letter from the Segals
October 19, 2000


Dear Friends and Family,

It’s exceptional. Really. Even after death, the list of Anton’s friends, family and new fans keeps on growing and growing. I want to share with all of you a moment, an extraordinary moment, we’ve all been holding our breath for.

This past Monday, in a scene more dramatic than any I’ve ever read about or seen in movies, Judge Ryan pronounced sentence on Daniel Alas, Anton’s murderer. He said the case was more emotional than any he’d judged before; he specifically thanked all of us for our unwavering support and advocacy of Anton’s cause. He said he’d read every word of every letter, e-mail and fax we sent. He said he was so moved, he’d had to stop repeatedly.

In passing sentence, with tears in his eyes, he quoted the Talmud and said, "To be kind to the cruel is to be cruel to the kind." He then proceeded to say he would not be kind to Mr. Alas, and gave him a maximum sentence of 36 years to life… with no credit for the 2 years already served (almost unheard of but within judicial discretionary power). All this, in a city and county known for being "soft" on crime.

The judge then went further still, and said that he was aware why we’d asked to have our victim impact statement videographed. He pledged that if he were still alive and healthy at the time of some distant parole hearing, he himself would personally advocate on our behalf before the parole board. He said he’d never offered that before, and doubted he ever would again.

It was an emotionally charged scene, with friends and family and strangers alike weeping. (Mr. Alas’ uncle was there also, and was kicked out of the courtroom for trying to disrupt the proceedings and intimidate YoYo and me.)

I like to think that Anton might have enjoyed -- or even orchestrated -- the whole shebang. For other descriptions of the event, check out the San Francisco Chronicle

Pacifica Man Gets 36 Years to Life in Doorman's Death - Victim at strip club was Harvard grad

All this didn’t just happen. It happened because you, individually and collectively, one by one, caught and captured the attention of the district attorney, the media, the probation officer, the judge.

YoYo and I are amazed and grateful for your unwavering help and support for us, and for Anton, through this long ordeal.

We thank and love you all.

-Yo Yo and Jim