Updates on the Trial


April 2004

Hi Jim & Yo Yo: The 16th looks like a go. But hard to tell as you well know. In terms of arrival...BEST case scenario is assigned a courtroom the 16th, motions filed the 19th, jury selection begins the 21st. REALISTIC scenario...assigned to courtroom during week of 19th, motions filed, heard and dealt with by end of week of 19th and jury selection starts 26th or 27th....Hope all is well.


From: James R. Segal
To: Braden Woods
Subject: Anton Segal/ Alas trial
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004

Braden, hi and warm greetings. Life rolls on, and here we are again, already in April. I have April 16 marked as the "last" trial date extension to be given. I know you won't know for sure until we're right up to that date, but on the basis of your best informed guess at this point, does it still look like 4/16 is a go?

If so, that's a Friday. Is that when motions are customarily filed, or when jury selection commences? If it's the former, I'm thinking maybe we could save 3 days, miss the legal wrestling, and arrive the following Monday the 19th for the jury selection...? What do you think? Thanks!

Best wishes, Jim and Yo Yo