Appreciation from the Segals - A letter to Linda Murphy, Deputy Attorney General
February 3, 2006


Dear Linda,

It's scarcely conceivable to fit "joy" in any sequence of words concerning the murder of our son Anton. But the honest fact is -- my wife Yasuyo and I were over-"joyed" to learn this past week that the defendant's appeals, both of them as referenced above, were denied by the First Appellate Court!

We know from experience that something like this doesn't just happen, even if it should. We know how much work it has taken on the part of a lot of people to reach this point, over the course of more than 7 years. Hard as I'm trying, this letter is only a feeble attempt to say "thank you" to you all. It's simply impossible to explain how important it is for us to feel that, after all, there is something called justice and that in this case, it has been done. We are both gratified and grateful.

We know that we remain on a long and very hard road. We know there may be more appeals, both at the California Supreme Court level, and the federal level. Still, this week, to see "Final" written as the dispostion status for both these cases, is an enormous burden off our chests. The Segal clan -- the friends and family of Anton from all around the world -- can literally breathe again. Daniel Alas remains in prison. Even there his insistent urge for violence rages on. But at least there it can be contained if not entirely curtailed. For us his sentence is not a sense of revenge. It's a real sense of relief.

I think Anton is relieved, too. This gentle and funny Harvard scholar made a remarkable and all-too-rare appearance this a dream of mine, and as a voice to Yo Yo! I know that none of you gets paid enough money to compensate for all your talent and effort. I can only hope that winning hard-fought battles like this, and knowing the satisfaction this brings to victims like us, is some measure of reward for all the work you do.

From all our family to all of you, deep thanks!


Yasuyo (Yo Yo) and Jim Segal