Letter from E. Brooke Whitaker to the Segals

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Mr. and Mrs. Segal:

I was a friend of Anton's from Egypt. I first met Anton in Cairo in December 1995. I was having a party and invited Chris Bell who was working with me at the time, and invited Anton to come along. I can't remember what we spoke about but I remember thinking how free he was just to take off to Sharm and start diving. I didn't see him again until in 1997 when I learned to scuba dive at Camel. He was sitting in a chair with a Camel dive t-shirt on and I said, "hey, where do I know you from?" We talked a bit, then figured out we met each other through Chris. We then met up at the Parrot's Bar at the Sharm Hilton for a few beers. I was living in Cairo at the time and made it down to Sharm every few months. I was down again later that year, and we were on the same boat. He told me he was going to be passing through Cairo on a trip to Syria so I told him he was more than welcome to stay at my place, which he did. He stayed in my apartment for a few days taking care of his tickets etc. for his trip. I was working a lot at the time so I never had time to spend with him. He went on his trip and called and left a message on my answering machine stating he was going to be in Cairo on a certain date. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think I was in my office most of the time and missed him on his trip. A few months later, I started getting emails from someone called: sickmonkey. I could only figure it was Anton. For the next few months we exchanged some pretty dark humorous jokes…and he had some good ones! When Chris told me about Anton and that he was leaving NY for SF, I was really in shock. I still can't believe it. Please, when you compile the book of short stories of Anton, please do send me a copy. Anton was a good guy, and I think of him, his life in Sharm, and his dark humor!

Best regards,

E. Brooke Whitaker