Letter from Polly Waddington to the Segals


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Segal

I am so dreadfully sorry. Anton was a star with a huge heart who touched so many people with his kindness.

I'm lucky enough to count myself as his friend. Anton was my flatmate and instructor too. We shared the house in the Sharm last year and I loved every second of knowing him. He taught me my divemasters…and damn did he make me work for it. He was a true professional and totally brilliant. I'm an instructor myself now, and he was so proud of me.

Anton was the first person I met in Sharm, I arrived at Camel and he came bounding up with a big grin and a big welcome and I shall never forget that kindness. It was only later I discovered he had a fetish for yellow string bikinis! He took me to villa parties, introduced me, stood up for me….and to me…took me into his house in the wild hope that I might do the washing up probably. He was my friend, I loved him, respected him, liked and giggled with him.

I still cannot believe such a legend should be taken from us all too cruelly and cannot imagine the pain you all must be going through.

The Sharm network is totally shook up and over the last couple of shell shocked days phones are ringing all over the world while we stop and share his brilliance. My favorite was pretty simple really; I was dealing with a "wee" time in my bed; a candle was busy spreading up the curtains when I woke and there I was in the middle of all these flames and smoke stark naked trying to batter it all out with a pillow. He heard the commotion, opened the door, took in the scene and just said "What ya like Ditsy?"…and shut the door! Wonderful, kind unflappable Anton…or "NOTNA" when he wrote his name on the inside of a wetsuit. We were doing the confined sessions of an open water course together when he took it off for the first time to reveal Notna in huge black letters across his chest. I hope someone sends you that photo.

Anton was the best and I am who I am today because of his dedication at getting this particular dippy blonde through the physics and the underwater skills, and by being absolutely unshakable in his friendship, love and trust with me.

He took me in and gave me a future; and I hear his body is giving others a future too. He'd have liked that. He was a rarity - a truly good and wonderful person, and I want to thank you both for him and for giving so many of us a truly fantastic friend. He was - and is - the stuff of true gentleman and legends and I love and miss him. All the strength and hugs to you all.

Polly Waddington