Letter from Corey Rosen to the Segals

Dear Jim and YoYo,

This has taken me so long to write because I wanted to choose my words with care. When my brother, Cliff, told me about Anton, my first thought was, "You're so lucky. At least you never met him!" If I hadn't seen him, spoken to him…then this wouldn't be so painful! Cliff then asked me what Anton was like…and as I began to describe him, I realized what I had of course known down deep all along. I, who had the opportunity to laugh with him and dive with him and drink a beer with him…I, of course, was the fortunate one! I tried to explain to Cliff just how special he was…but it was difficult to capture it for him in words.

I didn't know Anton well, but it seemed to me that he had a truly unfettered spirit. He did not seem bound by the rules and conventions of a society that places its value on superficiality and material wealth. Anton seemed to like everyone regardless of nationality or status. He seemed to enjoy every encounter and every experience.

My fantasy has always been to live in a tropical climate and dive every day…Anton dared to make his dream a reality.

I admired him so much, for his choices as much as for his beliefs. I felt that he set an example for us all. If we do not love the life we are leading, then we need to rethink the decisions that we've made! Anton was truly an inspiration, and he will continue to be one for the remainder of my days!

I hope with all my heart that he has gone to a better place.

My deepest, deepest sympathies,
Corey Rosen