Letter from Phredie Miltiadou and Ludo Solano-Serena

Saturday, December 19,1998

Dear Mr and Mrs Segal,

We have recently returned from a trip abroad and received the sad news of Anton's unfortunate death. We are so sorry to learn of your loss and extend to you our sincere condolences. We hope you will take courage during this festive season from the fact that Anton was loved by many friends and that he made such a big and positive impact on everyone he met. We will be thinking of Anton and of you too. Ludo and I enjoyed Anton's friendship very much and were proud to work together for a few years at Camel Dive Club in Sharm el Sheikh. We like so many others will miss him very much. We must all let Anton rest and keep for ourselves all the good thoughts and feelings we have about him - he knew how to enjoy life to the full while never letting standards drop - a rare quality. I don't know if you remember us, I am Phredie, the Greek girl that bought Mrs Segal's Ray Ban sunglasses and Ludo is my partner. Anton was so proud to introduce you to us all and we were so delighted to meet you. We are now living in Halkidiki, northern Greece where we have opened our own diving centre. Please keep our e-mail and be in touch whenever you are coming this way - we would love to have the opportunity to meet you again. With warmth and very very best wishes.

Phredie Miltiadou and Ludo Solano-Serena