Letter from Anne Owen

Anton, Greatly missed but never forgotton.

My name is Anne and I was part of the 'Sinai Connection'. I was with Anton for about a year at Camel before I had to leave and come back to Oz (end of '96). Meaning, it took some time for the sad news of Anton to filter to me. I have just resently learnt of the web page. Its great. Such good memories of Anton and the love that followed him where ever he went.

I always fondly think of Anton as I am still in touch with people in Sharm who knew him.. Anton was always one to help out. The constant brunt of alot of jokes but he was always one for a good joke!!. I have read the memories of some of the others of Sharm and like them will think of some classic 'Anton' stories when the shock of this passes. Reading the names of those who have contributed, Phreddie, Wendy etc, it seems we have all moved on from Sharm but we were all family when we where there. And this sort of loss runs deep.

I will say a special prey on Saturday and think of Anton. I do wish I could be at his memorial but thoughts across the ocean will have to be enough. My love to his family who, unfortuntely, I did not have the pleasure of meeting.

Anne Owen, AUST