Correspondence from Mitchel Gonzalez

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Segal,

Thanks for the nice reply, Yes I am an instructor and I was the person that trained Anton to become a good Divemaster and afterwards a good instructor. Like a mentioned I even lived with Anton for a long time in hadaba just after his arrival at the whole beginning. I wil try to tell you a short story as I am quit proud of and tell this to every person when I tell them stories about diving and especially to beginners...... So here it goes,

Like I told you I trained Anton as a Divemaster and afterwards to the Instrutor level. Now he was a good student and he loved the diving , so this made everything very simple and easy to teach him!!!! Afterwards when he was an instructor I was very proud of Anton and I always told all my new beginner Open water students about Anton ,how sweet he was how good he was and know.The proud instructor talking about his favorite student..... Now here it comes , day we where on a dive site on the dive boat , me 8 Open Water students and one Dive master trainee. So Anton arrived with another boat and of course when he saw me he came and moored the boat close to our boat. Of course we said hello and I used the opportunity to tell all my students , NOW THIS IS ANTON , so you saw all this faces from the whole class like loooking up to Anton with a respecting smile .realy nice moment..... So me very proud and the day goes on we dive and after that we take of and go to the next dive site. Now on that moment I take of the mooring and our boat takes off, Anton and his boat stays, so just a minute or a few meters away from Antons boat ,when all the people is on deck looking to the procedures and the take off the boat we hear sombody shouting MMMMIIIIITTCHEEELLLL MITCHEL , Every body on my boat looks in the direction of the shouting person and will never believe it , Anton standing on top deck and yes ......showing me his back side the picture on the website ......and shouting I LOVE YOU ...I had no words ,all the people was laughing you can not believe it , this was amazing!!!I was complete static for a while ,froozen....... Now I promise you if you saw this , this was really excellent a moment for me and signed for life. I can see and feel this story like it happened just now!even now I feel all my body tingling.....

Hope you liked the story?

Thanks again for the mail and to let me tell you one of my best moments in my life. We never met however I saw the pictures from you and family when you where in Cozumel with Anton. I will be one day around and for sure come and visit you. I do not work In sharm anymore or live there but I do have a businnes there now so I am still in contact with Sharm. PLease let me know if you would go some time there and maybe we could meet there. Thanks again and looking forward to meet one day.



Sent: lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2002
To: Mitchel Gonzalez
Subject: Re: Anton

Dear Mitchel, What a gracious letter! How kind of you to write! How wonderful for you to remember Anton so lovingly after all these years! Thank you! Your note meant a lot to my wife Yasuyo and to me. Anton had a marvelous ability to impact the people who were lucky enough to know him. He had a kind of charisma that is rare...and is missed very much. My wife and I are thrilled to discover one more instance of a friend for whom Anton made a lasting impression. Are you still diving in Sharm? Are you now an instructor? Are you keeping all the women for yourself, or passing one or two to the divemasters you work with?! My wife and I visited Sharm and Camel Dive Club the winter before Anton died. We dived together, met a lot of Anton's dive friends (including you?), had a great time. I will always cherish that time together.Please give our affection and appreciation to Anton's friends who remain at Sharm. Thanks again for your note. Stay in touch, let us hear any "Anton stories" you may remember from time to time, and if you ever are in the U.S. near us, please let us know. We'd love to see you. Best regards, Jim and Yasuyo ("Yo Yo") Segal -- Anton's parents


From: Mitchel Gonzalez
To: James Segal
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 3:20 PM
Subject: Anton

Dear Sir or Madam, Let me introduce myself, I am Mitchel Gonzalez, I was Anton 's DiveMaster instructor at the college and also used to live with him at the beginning when he arrived at Sharm! I have been trying to get in contact with you and I am so sorry it took so long. Anton was a wonderfull person and I quite loved the boy as one of my brothers. I like to say that when Anton did his instructor exam he had a wonderful introduction that made us both quite famous in Na'ama Bay! I remember he said "Why I want to become Instructor? Because the DM will never find a women, the instructor is the one that keeps them!" I can still see him in front of me with his lovely smile!

Sorry to take this up, but I just want you to say that Anton is still between us. I would just say thank you for the wonderfull web site you made. Thank you.

Love Mitchel

PS sorry if my english is not to well but like you can see and Anton would call me I am Spanish!!

Mitchel Gonzalez
Sharm El-Sheikh,
South Sinai, Egypt
Tel : +34 699925541