Letter from Tony and Pip Marus to the Segals

To Anton's Parents:

We arrived home yesterday morning from Sharm, where we had been diving since Thursday 26th November. 1 heard the news from Chad, an old hand at Camel. When, a little later I saw my wife, Pip, I broke the news to her as gently as I could. She became very silent, blew her nose rather loudly, looked at me, and just said, "Why! Oh God why?" Then neither of us spoke for a long time.

I met Anton two years ago when I first went to Sharm to dive because my son John is also an instructor there. I remember John's introduction. "This is Anton, my Japanese Jewish American friend from Texas." We shook hands, and Anton smiling, said, "So you're John's parents. You have my commiseration!" We all laughed. It was the end of the day, and we drank a beer together. After that we saw him every day whenever we staid there. I dived with him as dive master on eight occasions. The most memorable when we dived Thistlegorm on September 17 last year, '97. It was a monstrously rough day, with a full moon and a lunar eclipse coinciding. Anton went down to tie the mooring, and when trying to get back to the boat, the wind and current were so strong that he ended up two boats away. We eventually did get down to the wreck and enjoyed the dive. That evening we got back fairly late to the club. Very tired, me, quite proud of my efforts, while Anton made light of the whole experience. I have been telling the story of how Anton ended up on the wrong boat, ever since. It was when we were about to leave for home that Anton tried to persuade Pip to go back for Christmas. He promised that he would personally arrange to have underwater Xmas trees lit up and decorated with Sea Horses and Star Fish, especially for her.

We last saw Anton, just before he left Sharm el Sheikh. It was the end of the day; we were in the club having a beer. John wasn't around, and Anton asked whether he might therefore avail himself of our "Duty Free" allowance of alcohol. "Of course!" Off we went to the duty free shop round the corner. Anton chose all the beer and whatever, and then discovered that he didn't have the money to pay for it. He turned to me, "Tony, do you think you could trust me with a loan?" I suppressed a laugh, and handed over the necessary cash. He gave it back to Pip the next day. Since then we have been kept abreast of his wondering and doings. Always with amusement and pleasure.

We know that words cannot express what you are feeling. We think that we know a little because we lost our eldest son Simon, in a motorcycle accident when he was seventeen years old, and because of it, we feel that even a few inadequate words from complete strangers, whom you will never meet, may comfort you. We were very fond of your son, and during the past ten or eleven days he has been in our thoughts and prayers.

It was a pleasure to have met and known your son. He was great fun to be with. No one speaks the name Anton, without smiling. He gave a great many people, fun and lovely memories.

May God keep and comfort you both,

Tony Marus
Pip Marus
45, Holmhurst Road,
Kent, DA17 6HW