Letter from Myrna to the Segals

Dearest Jim and Yoyo,

Several days have now passed since I've seen you and I've had some time to reflect upon the events of this past Saturday. And my reaction is exactly the same as it was (as) when I was living the experience: Saturday was awesome; it was totally extraordinary.

It was with a considerable mix of emotions that we set out that morning for Boston. For one thing, it meant I was going to see you. (Finally) And though the card read "A Celebration", I couldn't really see past the word "Memorial". But clearly the vision you held became a reality and the dozens upon dozens of people who filled that room did indeed partake in a celebration of Anton. It was an occasion of majestic quality truly befitting a little prince.

I was among the very few there who had never met Anton. Until Saturday. And while for others the celebration was, among other things, a catharsis, for me it was a revelation. And so I say Thank You…
Seeing you was gratifying in ways that are difficult to express. What comes to mind are images from movies in which people are separated by war and then find one another again. I think the events of these past few months have had a significant effect on all who know and love you, being together with you, especially on Saturday night, restored a measure of peace I had lost. It was, all in all, a day that will not soon be forgotten.

I've put a message on Erica's answer machine but have not yet called Laurie. Erin and Emily left a lasting impression on me. In their semi-sheer stockings and quasi-sophistication, they already possess a Segal Elegance!

I will write to you soon again with prayers and wishes for continued good health and good results I stay forever yours in love and friendship.