Letter from Hy Rosen to the Segals


Dearest Jim and Yoyo,

What a mind-blowing day! What an awesome buffet of emotions.
Love and loss and laughs and tears…
A remarkable afternoon - for a remarkable young man.
His friends are the best of people. And how they love him!
I read the letters and I'm touched, again and again.
Anton's surely proud and delighted.

I can't explain how much we need to see you.
I don't understand it myself.
Being with you and hugging you and kissing you
was like breathing after being deprived of air.
(Not meant to make you feel guilty. I completely understand
that you could not have done this until now.)

The dinner with just the four of us was an unexpected honor.
Okay, so that sounds a little mushy, but it's pure truth.

Yoyo, you're an incredible woman.

And Jim, you ain't too bad yourself.
I feel in my heart that you will win your battle
We've got a date in the Berkshires this summer.

Lots of love,