Anton Lives On!
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Most of you know that Anton liked to help the disabled and disenfranchised. At Harvard he tutored and worked with young "townies" from the wrong side of the tracks; in Sharm el Sheik he taught kids at risk how to dive…and enhanced their confidence and self esteem. In Viet Nam he befriended mine and bomb victims, and in San Francisco, at the end of his life, he befriended the helpless and the homeless. Even after death, Anton continued to serve. In offering his own body parts, his various organs, to others, he sought in death to provide life to those who needed him. Here are a few stories from those to whom he gave "the gift of life." Won't you please take time out now to notate your drivers license and/or otherwise let people know that you, like Anton, choose in death to donate your organs so that others may live..?