Letter from Monique Gillett and Genie Kozak to the Segals


Dear Yasuyo, James & Erica,

A special thank you for the beautiful card and invitation to Anton's Memorial. I was so impressed by the website that I passed the address on to some of my co-workers in our main office. Well, he's become quite a celebrity here and everyone loves the idea of a donor website I also passed the address on to all of Anton's recipient coordinators. They will contact each recipient with the information and in turn get a hold of me if they wish to initiate any contact with you in return. As of the current date, all of the recipients are healthy, home and well. What a gift!

I have RSVP'd to the Harvard web address, offering my condolences and wishing them luck. I shall be thinking of you all on this day. It is sure to be a wonderful event. Anton certainly lives on through the hearts and minds of many others. Kudos to you as parents and family for raising such a fine person.

Thank you again for the beautiful card and words of appreciation. It is families like yours, full of class and dignity, that keep me in this job. I was honored to have made a horrible experience, hopefully, a bit easier. Please feel free to contact me for anything.


Monique Gillett
California Transplant Donor Network

Genie Kozak
Transplant Coordinator