Letter from Linda and Don Goffinet to Anton's Friends


Dear Steve,

We are deeply touched by the website in memory of your dear friend Anton Segal. In September, 1998, our church began praying for the person and his loved ones who would sacrifice his life on this earth and yet be so gracious as to allow the organs of that loved one to be used to give life to someone in desperate need. Our heart goes out to all who loved Anton and especially his parents, sisters, and you, Steve. We feel privileged and blessed by God to be able to see Anton's face and glimpses of his life.

We are doubly blessed to also know the man who received his precious heart. I (Linda) will never forget that day. I walked into my friend's room to wish him a Happy Birthday and he was praising God, for he had just received word that a heart was available for him. We all knew that also at that very moment others were mourning the loss of a dear loved one. As we watched a dying man come back to life again, we knew that others were experiencing a deep sense of pain and loss. We hope it gives Anton's family and friends comfort to know that their great expression of love gave new life to our friend and is greatly appreciated. Our friend has been a blessing to many people, since he is continually supporting and encouraging others who are waiting for transplants. His deep love for God and his willingness to serve God is truly an inspiration to all of us who grew to love him as he waited in our community for a new life. If only words could express the love and gratitude we have for Anton, his family and you. Our community continues to lift all of you up in prayer.

God's glory and character were reveled in this one act of love. Please thank Anton's family for their great love and generosity.

In his love,

Linda and Don Goffinet