Letter from Genie Kozak and Monique Gillett to the Segals

December 4, 1998

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Segal,

On behalf of the California Transplant Donor Network, may I express my deepest sympathy to you and your family for the sudden loss of your dear son, Anton. At the same time, I would like to thank you for your strength and courage in thinking of others during this very painful time. It is my hope that knowing the results of your gift will bring some sense of comfort to you and your family.

Both of Anton's kidneys were successfully transplanted. One of the recipients is a 64 year old man from the San Francisco area. He is married, has one son, and retired several years ago having been disabled with brittle diabetes. The other recipient received Anton's left kidney along with his pancreas. The patient is a 42 year old single woman from the east bay. She works as a secretary and loves to read. Both recipients are doing well and look forward to healthier more active lives free of dialysis.

Anton's heart was also recovered and used for transplant. The recipient is a 57 year old married man with one daughter and one granddaughter. He currently resides in Alaska and previously worked as a transportation engineer before becoming ill with an enlarged heart. He had been waiting for some time for this lifesaving gift and it was extra special as he received his transplant on his birthday. He is recovering very well after the surgery and according to staff, he should be discharged home soon.

Anton's liver was also able to be used for transplant. The grateful recipient is a 48 year old man from the Sacramento area. He is married with 3 grown children. Before becoming ill with acute liver failure, he worked as a manager for a local phone company. This is his first transplant and he has been waiting since 1994 for this gift. According to staff, he's already up walking around and almost ready for discharge. His goals are to return back to work and spend time with his family.

While we cannot give you any information about the eventual recipients of the tissues that were recovered, I can assure you that many people will benefit from them. The tissues will be processed into grafts and placed as needed here in California , and throughout the United States.

I would again like to express my sympathy and gratitude on behalf of these recipients and their families. I know that words cannot eliminate the pain that you and your family must feel, but I hope that in the months ahead you will gain some comfort in knowing that you have given these precious gifts.

Most Sincerely,

Genie Kozak
Transplant Coordinator

Monique Gillett
Transplant Coordinator