Letter from Ed Graf to the Segals

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Segal;

I offer my deepest condolences for your lost. As a parent, I cannot even begin to fathom your grief. Unfortunately, I did not know Anton so I cannot offer you an anecdotal story, snapshots or videos. However, I can tell you about the impact that one of Anton's gifts has had upon a man I got to well know at Stanford University Medical Center while I was there in October. I will call him Dennis. When I met Dennis he could barely walk the ward with his IV drip mobile nor lift a full glass of water. I do remember the day Dennis received his gift it was his birthday and the staff threw him a surprise party, he was overwhelmed. Dennis throughout his ordeal always maintained a very positive attitude along with being very popular with the staff and patients alike. Whenever, I visited the hospital I would see Dennis either visiting or helping some other patient worst off than himself.. The day before leaving for home I met Dennis at the front steps of hospital housing , the way he ran up the steps to open the door for me all I could was have a big grin across my face.

Last I heard from Dennis he was back home enjoying lengthy morning walks in a local shopping Mall along with buying himself an 18 speed bicycle. Take care and God speed. Sincerely,

Ed Graf