Letter from Dennis Morgan

To the family and friends of Anton,

My condolences to you all on the loss of a very special son and a friend. I know Anton would want to be remembered not in grief but in joy. This is a humbling time for me to know of your feelings and thoughts as I give thanks to the special gift of Anton's to me. I too will be lifting a glass in toast to his memory and celebrating his life, on his birthday, April 17.

I am sending a poem that came to my knowledge some eighteen years ago. If all agree that this would be appropriate for Anton I would like to have it read at the memorial.

I cannot say, and I will not say
That he is dead. He is just away.
With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand,
He has wandered into an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair
Its needs must be, since he lingers there.
And you, oh, you, who the wildest yearn
For an old-time step, and the glad return,
Think of him faring on, as dear
In the love of There and the love of Here
Think of him still as the same. I say
He is not dead - he is just away.

--James Whitcombs Riley

My name Dennis Zane Morgan and my friends call me "DZ" or "Dizzy" as I tend to be a little over positive with my philosophy on life. As some of you know by now I am the recipient of Anton's heart muscle. This very special gift of life was given to me on my birthday, November 24. When I received word that I was to receive a good heart I was both saddened and happy at the same time. Saddened that a life was given up to save a life, but happy to know I will be able to continue to share my philosophy with those I meet. As Anton had a strong spiritual heart he too had a strong heart muscle that wanted to keep going. The operation report quotes "The aortic crossclamp was removed, The patient resumed sinus rhythm spontaneously."

I am open to any correspondence with any of you.

My address is:
Dennis Z. Morgan
P.O. Box 240145
Anchorage, AK 99524-0145

Yours in life and spirit,