Letter from Tetsuo Oka to the Segals

December 8, 1998

How do you do? Mr. and Mrs. Segal. My name is Tetsuo Oka. I am a teacher of English at Koyo High School, which was Anton's base school during his stay in Wakayama. This April I transfered from Ken Washo (Prefectural Wakayama Commercial High School).

I am really shocked at the sad news. Anton taught KenWasho students as the regular visit (once or twice a week). He was loved by every student. I invited Anton to my house in May 1993. He cheerfully talked about his experience. His joking made us smile. We enjoyed SUKIYAKI that my wife cooked. Anton ate SUKIYAKI saying "0ISHIll, Korewa OISHII!" We drank beer and ate Sukiyaki. Soon lots of beercans were piled up on the floor. We took pictures in the garden. It is a really good memory for my wife and me. I regret we didn't have a chance of SUKIYAKI party again at my house.

I have other pictures of Anton's at KenWasho English club party. He and students really had a good time. It was a precious time for the Japanese students to learn to communicate in English. He taught the students a lot of things. The students and I will never forget his smiling face.

After Anton visited Vietnam he came to me with a souvenir T-shirt printed 'Ho Chi Minh." Talking of T-shirt, he gave me a "Harvard T-shirt when he first visited KenWasho. He was a kindhearted man. Anton is alive, not dead in me and people's minds.

In memory of Anton, I enclosed the pictures and video. Please keep them.

Sincerely yours.

Tetsuo Oka
609 Betsuin
Kainan City
Wakayama Prefecture
Tel: 640-0454