Letter from Lori Higashi to the Segals

Dear Segal Family,

I was very shocked to hear news about Anton a few weeks ago. I knew Anton in Japan as a JET. I still remember the first day I met him. I had arrived in Wakayama city not knowing anyone or anything about the city. As soon as I moved into my new home, Anton was there to greet me and welcome me to the city. Anton had been in Wakayama for a year, so he filled me in on the nearby stores and local hotspots. Anton always knew where the action was. Throughout my two years in Japan, Anton was always the life of the party and always knew how to tell great stories (even if they may have been a little exaggerated). He always knew how to make us laugh. I've included some pictures of Anton to share some of his great moments. I wish all of you the very best.