Note from Anton to Family during Outward Bound in Maine

Dear Papa, Mommy, & Erica,

I am writing this letter to you on my solo while I listen to an osprey calling. I've met some interesting people and have experienced many new things; and in 24 hours of solo that have passed I have solved some problems that have been running around in my head. My solo spot is really beautiful and is directly across a cove from a nesting osprey's home. The food is not bad, but I look forward to food at home ( a list of things I yearn for is enclosed). The pants with bunting liner are incredibly useful, as my chinos got wet on day 3 ( I have worn the lined ones for 11 days now). My Outward Bound costume consists of muddy sneakers and gray thick socks, stained and worn blue polypropylene pants, a bandanna and whistle tied just below my right kneecap for availability ( I have no pant pockets), a Hawaii T-shirt turned inside out, a pair of running shorts (under the pants), my bunting sweater, my red jacket, and my polypropylene hat. I never thought it could get so could in mid-summer anywhere in the U.S. I am warm with all my clothes, though. There are 11 others in my group ( 7 boys, 4 girls) and of them I am the most prepared, and experienced person, except when we sail.

I provide spirit for the group and lead it in the right direction, several in my group have said, and I agree. By the way, I am not angry at anyone for "making" me come here; just at instructors for waking me up.

I have learned a lot about sailing, and I will soon learn about canoeing. We will do no hiking, so my boots are in a storeroom with my bag. I have all my clothes and sleeping bag in a canvas duffel bag. I ate all my food 3 or 4 hours after arriving at my solo site, but don't worry - I have water. I met guess who - Cameron Payne-at the registration office on Day 1! Fortunately, I have not seen him since. He said he was already interested in Outward Bound before he saw my Outward Bound stuff, but who believes Cameron? I feel really good, even though we go to sleep around 10 or 11 and usually get up at 5 to run and dip (the water at Hurricane Island is about 50 degrees). I have learned several things about myself thus far, and hope to discover more. I hope everyone is doing well and wish Erica a very, very happy birthday from her loving brother. Goodbye for now. I doubt I'll write again due to the lack of opportunity.


P.S. I love you all and miss you very much.

P.P.S. Don't worry I'm not sad or homesick. Just a little cold at times

P.P.P.S. I am keeping my wits about me and I am having fun. Again, all my love, Anton

If you could have some of these snacks when I return it would be greatly appreciated:

Nilla Wafers
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Milk & Jelly & Bagels & Onion Roll
Doritos & Peanutbutter
Fruit, tuna, liverwurst, coffee-ice cream, Fig Newtons & Graham Crackers

I also yearn for

Chinese food
Japanese food
steak & baked potato
Ribs & nachos
pancakes & bacon & sausage & egg
grilled cheese sandwiches
Burger King onion rings & Big Macs
Mexican food