Letter from Karl Deisseroth

October 30,1999

I met Anton and his family in high school when we were both seniors. We became friends immediately and had innumerable key experiences of the high school genre, mostly at the home of the amazingly tolerant Jim and YoYo. We went to Harvard together, and one of my defining memories of college is the 16th birthday party Anton threw for me…After graduation we lost touch for many years. In a strange coincidence, Anton reached out to me only a few short weeks before the end…he called me out of the blue and we went out for drinks in San Francisco. Our experience that night was such a perfect illustration of Anton's life and our friendship…we went from bar to bar in the city, laughing and singing, meeting old friends, poking fun at some harmless strangers and forming oddly strong connections with other harmless strangers, all catalyzed by the remarkable force of Anton's personality. Amazingly we ran into another St. John's alum at a bar and fumbled our way through a loud, rousing rendition of the St. John's alma mater. Around 2:30 AM outside an all-night burritoria in the Mission, we rant into three youths who were initially somewhat hostile…Anton began talking with them in a remarkable urban patois and we had an incredibly enjoyable long conversation with them, which grew into a profound warm connection and ended with us all actually hugging each other as we left…I really believe there is no force in the world as strong as Anton's personality. He was put on this earth to bring people together…Nobody who met him will forget him and there is a special place in the mind of us who knew him where images of him reside…

Karl Deisseroth