Letter from Kate Deisseroth


I met Anton randomly in the city while we were both doing errands a few months after he moved here. It was pretty comical because neither of us knew the other lived in San Francisco. We just looked at each other strangely until I finally told him he looked alot like someone I knew. I apologized for staring and kept walking. Anton caught me and said "wait, I do know you." So, we walked around for a while catching up. I want you to know he was very happy here and so full of life. It was interesting to talk to him because we were both at exploratory points in our lives and it was exciting to talk about what we were doing. Anyway I gave him Karl's number and as you know they also reconnected. I keep thinking about this chance meeting and running it over in my mind. I'm not religious - but I'm grateful that a fate of some kind allowed Karl and I to see Anton again. He was a wonderful person and genuinely touched the lives of people who knew him.