Letter from Patton Adams to the Segals


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Segal and Anton's Family

I was so saddened when I received the news of Anton, too recently to be able to make it back for today's memorial service. Please accept my deepest condolences - but also my sincerest thanks for allowing Anton to become a part of our lives. I suppose this letter is addressed to all of those, from St. John's, Harvard, Japan, Sinai, and not least those from SYA/Rennes like myself, who remember Anton with fondness and admiration. He has a larger extended family than perhaps he knew.

Happy Birthday, Anton. It has been quite a while since we were standing in line at the University in Rennes, waiting for a slab of rare bistek. Or staggering down the cobblestone streets, 6am, after a night at Freetime and then the Prison St.-Michel, or tasting "le vrai gout du chomage" on the steps of the old Parliament of Brittany. I remember your stories of Mt. Fuji, hoping I would get there too someday and know the exhilaration you described knowing with your dad. You talked to us about Harvard, and made that happen too. We'll always have Paris, laughing cow cheese, laughing monk wine, and your laughter, hilarious but comforting. Others have mentioned these too, but I also want to thank you for Cat Stevens and Zen.

From an old SYA friend. Happy Birthday.

Patton Adams