Anton Segal Memorial Scholarship Fund
Correspondence - Spring 2004

Dear Mr. Segal,

Hello! My name is Doris Huang and I am incredibly honored to receive the first memorial fellowship in your son's name. I spoke with Steve Yi over the phone last week and wanted to follow up by introducing myself to you and to Mrs. Segal.

Steve filled me in on some of the most vivid details of Anton's life, and he also pointed me to the beautiful website that you and your wife put up in memory of your son. All that I can possibly say is that I am very humbled by the person whose life I have been asked to help commemorate through this fellowship -- it is absolutely clear that your son infused every day with energy, humor, adventurousness, and goodwill, and I'm positive that had he and I been contemporaries at school, we would have been great friends!

Thank you both so, so much for offering me this amazing opportunity to visit the Oaxacans in Mexico this summer -- I cannot begin to tell you what a tremendous dream you are realizing for me, and I know that my family is also very grateful for your encouragement and support.

I know that you and Mrs. Segal are in the throes of the last segment of the San Francisco trials now, so I hope that this email was an unobtrusive and convenient way to reach you. I would love to speak with you over the phone in the near future -- if you'd like to email me a good time to call you and the best number to reach you at, I would be happy to do so!

Thank you so much again and best of luck with the trial. Please let me know how everything turns out.


Doris :-)

Doris Chien-Yun Huang