Anton Segal Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mission Statement

The Anton Segal Memorial Scholarship Fund seeks to fund travel for like minded Harvard students who wish to travel to the more remote and difficult portions of the planet, in order to study language and customs and who will return, not only with an improved understanding of foreign cultures, but with a desire to somehow share them with those of us who live a tamer and more settled life back in our own country.

Yo Yo and I and many of Anton Segal's friends are trying to breathe new life into the Anton Segal Memorial Scholarship Fund. A few words of reminder about the Fund. It is tax deductible, operates under the aegis of Harvard University, and goes to two spectacular causes: first a celebration of Anton, the Harvard trained anthropologist, a multilingual, multicultural hero, who trekked through much of the third (and fourth!) world seeking adventure and enlightenment, wisdom and fun.. Those who knew and loved him well know how he braved hardship in far off lands in order to come to better terms with the disenfranchised of the world. Cambodia, Syria, Peru, VietNam, Lebanon, North and Equatorial Africa, inland China are a few of the places he visited in order to help in some small way bridge the gap between cultures.

In order to accelerate the development of this memorial fund, Yo Yo and I will match, dollar for dollar, the next $50,000 of contributions to the fund. This fresh infusion of $100,000, will then be enough for the fund to self-maintain, and each year will permit us to send and support some Harvard student in his or her travels through the more remote areas of our world. In these troubled times when the world yearns more than ever for greater understanding between cultures, we invite you to join us in what we think is a noble adventure that would interest, inspire, and enthuse Anton himself.

Mail checks to Harvard University, Attention: Recording Secretary's Office. Harvard Development Office. 124 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Be sure to put IN CAPITAL LETTERS; "FOR THE ANTON SEGAL MEMORIAL TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP." (We want funds going toward "the Anton," not Harvard's general funds.)

If you then send us a copy of the check, or Harvard's subsequent acknowledgement, we will then in turn send directly to you our own check, made payable to you, for an equal amount. We hope you will then deposit it, and (hopefully) send another check in your name to Harvard for the same amount again, thereby doubling up your donation to the Fellowship and getting the second contribution write-off. Sorry if this is confusing; we're just trying hard to raise some money for what we know is a good and special cause. For more details, call us at 281-496-2928. Or call us anyway, just to say hi!

Many thanks! --Jim