Anton Segal Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fellowship Guidelines

The Anton Segal Memorial Traveling Fellowship will provide for a summer of foreign travel to a non-Western European country or countries.

The Anton Segal Memorial Traveling Fellowship Fund will be administered by Harvard University's Office of the Recording Secretary. The Fellowship award(s) will be granted through Harvard University's Office of Career Services via a Prize Selection Committee. The Committee will include one or more founding family members and/or friends. At least 50.1 percent of the Committee will be comprised of Harvard University affiliates, namely Office of Career Services employees and/or tutors from the various Harvard University undergraduate residential houses.

Harvard College rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors (i.e. current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) will be eligible for the Fellowship.

The number of Fellowship award(s) will be determined each year by the Committee, but at least one Fellowship award will be granted in each academic year for travel the following summer. Each Fellowship award will be a minimum of $2,500 denominated in real 1999 dollars. All annual payout amounts available from the Fund, as determined by the Office of the Recording Secretary, in excess of $2,500 (in real 1999 dollars) for each Fellowship award granted will be awarded at the discretion of the Committee. All annual payout amounts available from the Fund that are not awarded will be reinvested into or credited to the Fund.

Selection Criteria:
The Fellowship is being established by the family and close friends of Anton Segal, a 1992 honors graduate of Harvard College, to honor his remarkable but tragically short life and to recognize some of the qualities that made him a unique and irreplaceable individual. Anton lived abroad for more than five years after graduating from Harvard, first teaching English in Japan and then working as a scuba diving instructor in the Sinai. During his time abroad, Anton particularly loved visiting less well-traveled countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Jordan, and Lebanon, and he had several of his articles detailing these experiences published in wide-circulation travel magazines. The Fellowship aims to recognize his love of exploring off-the-beaten-path locations, meeting and getting to know the people who lived there, and writing about his experiences in a way that brought them alive for those fortunate enough to read his accounts.

The Fellowship will be awarded to men or women who have shown the same combination of intelligence, warmth, creativity, originality, inquisitiveness, sense of humor, and genuine love of meeting and getting to know people of all cultures and backgrounds that made Anton such an extraordinary person. Academic performance, while important, will not be as vital as these personal traits and the ability to translate one's experiences into interesting and original prose. Grantees should have an intense and genuine interest in broadening her/his horizons and understanding of the world.

The Fellowship envisions trips that will be devoted as much to "living into" whatever culture Grantees choose to explore -- in particular by getting to know people -- as to seeing famous sights. Grantees should attempt to see the places to which they travel in a manner not described in any guidebook and with a constant eye to new and unusual experiences.

As an end product, Grantees will be expected to write either a travel article or short story based on their travels with the intention of submitting the work for publication.