Letter from Katie Fehskens to the Segals

Saturday, December 12, 1998

Dear Jim and Yo Yo,

Thank you so much for your generosity in allowing me to share an "Anton Story" with you. I can't tell you how much it means to have this forum to celebrate Anton, who had such a unique gift for filling other's hearts with laughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful ideal!!

Before the story, I wanted to provide a little background on how I know Anton. I had the pleasure of meeting Anton while living in Winthrop House at Harvard, and he was such a fun and vibrant part of that experience. I distinctly remember the first time we met - both of us had had a little too much to drink Head of the Charles weekend, and somehow Anton and I ended up swinging around on the Winthrop tire swing until we were both exhausted from laughing so hard. Over the next two years we shared many goofy and fun moments together. I last saw Anton over seven years ago on the night following my Harvard graduation, where we had a chance to hug and say our goodbyes. We didn't manage to stay in touch, but I can't think back to my days at Winthrop without seeing Anton's smile and hearing his infectious laughter. It is a smile and laughter that I have always carried in my heart.

OK - now the Anton Story. I'm hoping that this isn't too much of a "you had to be there" tale, but if you layer Anton's voice, mannerisms, and laugh on top of my words, hopefully you can capture the goofy humor of this time we shared together that has always made me smile:

My all-time funniest memory of Anton is of a completely ridiculous late night conversation we had regarding Alice, my roommate in Winthrop House. Anton started rhyming words with Alice's name, and we ended up with a nearly exhaustive list: malice, palace, phallus, chalice, Dallas…we must have had twenty words by the time we were through. Anton then proceeded to make up poems with all the Alice-rhyming words. One poem went something like, "Alice, with an absence of malice, received the phallus in a chalice in her palace in Dallas." He kept mixing and matching the words to create new rhymes, with one more ridiculous than the other. As the rhymes grew, so did our uncontrollable laughter. I was out of breath, with tears rolling down my cheeks, by the time we were through.

Thank you again for this opportunity to share a fond and funny memory of Anton with you. I hope that the volume of stories that you will no doubt receive will fill your heart with the happiness and joy that Anton gave to those of us he met along the way.

God Bless,

Katie Fehskens
Harvard '91
369GB Stonebridge Drive
Cincinnnati, OH 45209
(513) 533-0587