Letter from Jeremy Dann

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Anton was one of the very first people I met when I arrived at Harvard in the fall of 1988. As a kid from the midwest, I envisioned Harvard as a place totally populated with East Coast preppies. Needless to say, after hanging around with Anton for a while, this preconceived notion was shattered.

Although we saw each other a lot first year since we both lived in the Pack, going into sophomore year it changed a little. As with many first year friends, the contact became less frequent as everyone settled into the new routine of house life. But whenever I saw Anton, I always got a hearty, "Hey JD, what's up?" With Anton, one got the feeling that this was not the standard cursory greeting, but that he actually wanted to know how you were and was genuinely interested. I never just "bumped into" Anton. He was always engage me in conversation. God, in College, we all got so bogged down in academics or leadership activities or whatever. ALways rushing around to the next meeting. I think Anton kept the right perspective - he always took time out for friends.

Jeremy Dann