Anton was our beamish boy.
He was born with a head of dark hair and a mind of unlimited curiosity.

One day in his infancy, he was sleeping in the crib in his bedroom and YoYo and I were in the living room reading. We got a phone call from our neighbor across our apartment courtyard.

"There's a baby crawling out your bedroom window!" she claimed. Not our window! We were sure she'd been looking at some other window. Certainly baby Anton couldn't possibly be doing that…although we'd cracked the window open a little to let in some air…?

We ran to the bedroom and saw that Anton had somehow released the crib spring, used some stuffed toys to hoist himself over the railing, worked his way onto the bathinet beside the window, popped the window screen, and sure enough, was now on the window ledge contemplating his next move to freedom!

He was, in short, a boy of utter wonder and utterly wonderful.

Anton and Erica, Halloween, 1975

Anton and Erica, Halloween, 1975