Letter from Dawn Fukuda to the Segals


This is very odd for me, but I was overjoyed to see the web page for Anton Segal. My name is Helen Dawn Feldman Fukuda. Anton and I knew each other when we were very young. In fact, it is ME who is in the photo with Anton on top of the slide in the "New Jersey" photos, not his sister Erica who was not yet born in 1972.

You cannot imagine how shocking it was for my family and I to discover this web page. We have been trying to find Anton's family (YoYo and Jimmy) for a while to reconnect and express our sympathies. We heard about Anton's death through the SF newspaper webpage.

I hope his parents will be at the memorial service on Saturday. I plan to attend. I currently live in Boston and am also a Harvard alum from the School of Public Health.

Thank you so much for putting together this beautiful testament to my childhood friend, and for making it possible for myself and my family to say "goodbye". Hope to meet you this weekend.

Dawn Fukuda