Letter from Charlotte Hwang to the Segals


Dear Mr. And Mrs. Segal

I was shocked and deeply saddened when Sean told me the news about Anton today. I have thought of you all off and on the past 16 years we have been gone from Houston. I hadn't seen Anton since he was eleven, but I have good memories of training with him at the downtown dojang. I sometimes share the story of sparring with him to my students:

Anton was always so quiet and unassuming when I sparred with him, I always thought of him as just a child. One day I threw a roundhouse kick at him and he stepped in, put his hands on my shoulders and gently threw me to the floor. It was a very controlled throw and I didn't feel it a bit, except that I was looking up at him from the floor. As he was a head shorter than me, it was a great lesson in humility. I always appreciated that lesson from him.

I have always thought of you both with fondness and admiration for your love of your son. I mourn the loss of Anton and my thoughts and prayers are with you now.

With warmest regards,
Charlotte Hwang