Letter from Conrad Anderson to the Segals

Friday, January 15, 1999

I was in class last Friday. Master Sean Kim told me about Anton - he did not have the full story or how to contact you then.

I cannot tell you how shocked I was to hear it. When he mentioned Anton's name ('You remember Anton, don't you?") I at first thought Anton was in town and I would be able to see him train again. Perhaps he would not have been training and I would have a remote chance of out-sparring him. I can still remember how surprised I was to see how big he had grown when he came back to visit the Do Jang from Harvard. He really filled out into a fine young man.

I remember him most when he was younger. He sure could spar. Didn't look like much of a threat - until he took a sparring stance and started to move. Amazing! You know, I was always a little proud when I watched him - I knew that he had asthma, and I had also suffered with asthma when l was young. It also pleased me quite a bit to see you watch your son in the school, and to see the time and clear attention you obviously invested in him. He was a very lucky young man.

I have a son. His name is Conrad. He is 15 right now, and he means everything to me. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose him.

I read your letter to Reggie. I feel a little jealous. It seems that in 28 years Anton outlived me, and I am now 49. What an exciting and full life his must have been. How proud you must be of him. Your love for your son was in every sentence, every word of your letter.

I have some videotapes of classes and of rank exams. There is a very good chance that I will have some footage of Anton. If you would like, l will find them and give you copies. If l find footage and if you see it, you may notice that the quality of the film may not be too good. Many (all) of my friends and family - and complete strangers - blame that on my poor photographic technique. I prefer to blame it on my equipment. I am sure you will agree.

If you want to reach me, my e-mail address is either conrad2@idt.net (home) or Canderson@paraengr.com (work). My home phone number is 281-357-1648 (though I do not spend a great deal of time at my house anymore). My work number is 713-215-2709 (temporary assignment to Transco Tower - two to three months), or 713-570-1148 (the number at my permanent office).


Conrad Anderson

18714 Rosebud Ln
Tomball, TX 77375